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“Flightradar24” Stimulates Military Flying in Kids

flightradar24The plight of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 haunts the evening news.  It’s an opportunity to get young people interested in the world of planes on the go, in the skies overhead, a part of life happening right now.  

     The online program Flightradar24 will let anyone spot a plane, then determine where it’s off to, where it came from, how high it’s flying and at what speed, type of plane, and the name of the airline company.

Unknown     The free online version may be enough to get young people to explore more of the flight traffic options in a game-like, friendly way.  Who knows, a career path as a pilot or crew member in military planes may find a start.

Lost our lease!!

The Community Thrift Store in Rapid City has lost their lease!

store 6

store 1What does it mean?

Actually, there are several implications and options.

The Community Thrift Store is operated by the Faith and Family Foundation, a 501-C3 tax exempt, faith based, non-profit organization. Gordon Howie is the CEO of the Faith and Family Foundation. This position is a volunteer, unpaid position. The Thrift store provides free clothing and merchandise daily, and offers other items for sale at discount prices to the public. Several inmates from the local DOC unit are provided with opportunity to serve the community by working daily at the store, and see Christian faith in action. A small staff works at below-market wages because of their store 2commitment and dedication to this ministry.

The owner of the property has told us to either buy the property or move out by April 30th.

Our non-profit organization does not have the financial resources to purchase the property. Unless a major donor steps forward, the store will have to find another location or close the business.

The Community Thrift Store has become a significant ministry to the community. Our first choice is to continue helping to meet the needs of people in the region. We would like to share our action plan with you, as we ask for your prayer and input over the next month.

Firststore 3

Beginning April 1 we will offer even deeper discounts, savings and free merchandise to the community as we reduce our inventory.

Secondstore 4

We will be looking for another location that could meet the needs of this ministry. Please contact us if you know of a location or have a suggestion.


The entire family at the Community Thrift Store solicits your prayer. We are all looking for God’s will in this challenge.

store 5

Please share this post with your network of friends. Perhaps someone will have a suggestion or provide help to allow this ministry to continue serving the community!

Thank you for your love, support and prayer for this ministry.

USMC F9F Panther Jet Pilot Ted Williams Played for Boston Red Sox

99991_0393p_lgProfessional sports are the ultimate leisure entertainment these days, supporting a multi-billion dollar industry in which even the poorest of players can strike it rich.  We don’t hear too much about basketball and football athletes being known for accomplishments in other fields, but the baseball players of the past were often called to national service.  Moe Berg is still remembered in military circles, and so is Boston Red Sox hitter Ted Williams.

Ted-Williams-WWII-Baseball-Korea-Air-Force-Photos-05     Growing up in the military town of San Diego, Williams became a USMC aviator during World War II.  He got into the US Navy Reserve in 1942, then on active duty in 1943, and received a commission as 2LT in the USMC as naval aviator in 1944.

       But it’s his combat service in the Korean War as a pilot (top) of a F9F Panther jet that won’t be forgotten.  Early in 1953, he was a member of the Third Marine Air Wing, 223rd Squadron.  As Wikipedia describes, after only 13 days in the country,  “Ted was one of 200 flyers in a huge air mission aimed at Kyomipo, North Korea. He was flying low over his target, a troop encampment, when Ted lost sight of the plane in front of him. He dropped down to regain visual contact, but went too low. North Korean soldiers in the encampment blasted him with small arms fire. He lost his landing gear, hydraulic pressure, radio, and was on fire. He managed to land his burning plane and avoid serious injury.”

  Book907 In his biography Ted Williams at War, Bill Nowlin focuses on Williams’s 39 combat missions during the Korean War.

More on Ted Williams as military hero . . .

Mexico, March 24, 1825: “We’re Officially Open to US Settlers in Texas”

americanimmigrantsWe all remember the Plymouth Rock cartoon with a few Indians watching the Pilgrims come ashore, the caption reading “I guess a few of these arrivals won’t hurt anything.”

      When the citizens of the Mexican colony of New Spain decided to overthrow the mother country back in 1821, the newly created state of Tejas-Coahila was the poorest at the time.  Perhaps to bolster the local economy, on March 24, 1825, the Mexican government officially opened up the state to settlers from the United States.

      The immigrant population continued to grow and grow, humble at first, then belligerent as numbers grew.  By 1830, (cartoon), the damage was starting to look irreversible.  It wasn’t long before the Alamo brought things to a head, with the Lone Star State of Texas soon following.

       Some argue that the reverse is happening in the South today, while others point to the steady muslim takeover of western Europe, helped by complacent socialistic governments naively touting the joys of multiculturalism.  A recent video describes how the capital of the European Union, Belgium, is on its way to becoming renamed “Belgistan.”

Revival And Redemption

A message of hope, inspiration and challenge.

America’s only hope for restoration is for men, women and children to turn their hearts toward God. This Sunday message is one that is good for every day of the week.

*** Pastor Ron Burtz***

If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, today would be a GREAT day to begin! It’s easy:
A. Admit you are a sinner.
B. Believe that Jesus died to purchase forgiveness for your sins.
C. Confess Jesus as your savior.
Now… you are saved. Your new life has BEGUN. Find a Bible believing, Gospel preaching church. Read your Bible and pray (talk to God). May God bless you as you trust and obey Him in everything you do!shed ad